When we have friends or family over, we want to make sure that our party is memorable, so here are some tips on entertaining with Mr Price Home.


First things first, itâ??s time to decide whether or not you would like to have a theme for your party. Hereâ??s where you can really let your imagination run wild.

Of course there are the obvious themes like birthdays, baby showers, engagements, bridal showers or special holidays but there are all kinds of occasions in betweenâ?¦.

You may decide to throw a party celebrating a friendâ??s new job or a farewell dinner for a family member going abroad. Some may choose a theme to give them a basic idea to work with, while others take the idea a little further, adding decorations, music and party favors that help accentuate the theme.

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Casual and laid back? Classic, elegant, simply styled? Or over the top bright and bold, that requires an entertaining dose of dress up?

The choice is yours, but use your theme as a guide to all the other choices you have to makeâ?¦ but keep it simple, make choices that suit you and your approach to lifeâ?¦ the less fuss, the more fun!


As far as the menu goes, choose foods youâ??re experienced at cooking and are fairly simple to prepare. When planning your menu, start with the main course as this will take up most of your time.

Make choices which will allow you to prepare the meal well ahead of time, allowing you to simply heat and serve, giving you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying yourself with your friends or family.

While the menu is important, nothing is more critical than the right mix of people. People wonâ??t necessarily remember what they ate at your get together, but they will remember whether or not they had a good time. Good chemistry amongst you and your guests will ensure fun and laughter. On top of this, all you have to do is get the music mix right, and your party is bound to be a great success!

Hopefully by this point all your hard work and planning result in an awesome get-together enjoyed, not only by your guests, but by you too!