I do not know of one woman who is not terrified of being attacked and raped. We live in constant fear.

On an almost daily basis, we read and hear about the most terrifying stories. Stories that make you sick and leave you cold.

We live in a beautiful but very dangerous country.

Many of you will remember the story of a woman who was violently attacked 20 years ago by two men (savages!) – her throat was slit, she was raped, repeatedly stabbed and left for dead?

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Her name is Alison Botha and she survived! She wrote a book – I have life and she is also an international motivational speaker.

Alison also endorses WIP

Alison believes that, had she done WIP, she would never have even gone through that hectic ordeal.


Because, WIP gives you a choice. A choice that Alison felt she did not have. She thought the only way to survive, the only way these savages were not going to hurt her, was to let them rape her. Imagine feeling that allowing a man to rape you is your only choice?

What is WIP?

I was invited to find out last Saturday (Women’s Day) and, like many of the women who attended, I thought that we would be learning a whole bunch of major ninja style defence moves.

Besides gaining invaluable knowledge from a really interesting talk given by Mark (the founder), we learnt just one move!

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Only one?’

That’s right. We learnt the one… and THE ONLY move you need to know. It is simple (anyone can do it) and it is 100% effective! And no ladies – it is NOT kicking him in his crown jewels.

I think I speak for all the women when I say that you leave WIP on such a high. We had an awesome day but most importantly, we left armed with a choice and 1 x kick ass move!

We feel sorry for the idiot who decides to ever mess with us.

WIP has been designed specifically for women to give them the mental and physical ability to make a choice in a threatening situation.

“There are very few, if any, established businesses that offer a professional self-INpowering solution exclusively to South African women. Courses who claim to teach self-defence are far too complicated and even fewer take into account the physical differences between men and women. They offer far too many options and variables which make them impossible to master in a short time and in most cases do more harm than good as they give a false sense of security.” – Mark Grobbelaar – founder of WIP