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WakaWaka Power – a durable, lightweight and super stylish compact solar charger capable of charging almost any model of (smart) phone whilst simultaneously providing solar powered LED light for up to 100 hours!

WakaWaka Light – the most efficient solar lamp in the world providing 40 hours of bright LED light after a single day in the sun

WakaWaka (â??Shine Brightâ?? in Swahili) â?? is the worldâ??s most efficient portable solar powered lamp and (phone) charger. A high-tech and low-cost solution, WakaWaka is an essential accessory for all womenâ??s handbags. Powered by the sun (solar), and therefore with no need to connect to any form of electricity, WakaWaka can be powered conveniently and easily. Place it on your dashboard whilst driving and ensure never ending access to both power and light for those emergency situations, or simply for your convenience.

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Everyone with a smartphone knows there are times when you need your phone most and your batteries die. WakaWaka Power makes sure you need never be powerless again. Apart from charging your smartphone or other USB-enabled devices, the WakaWaka Power is first and foremost a powerful light source that can provide more than 100 hours of safe, bright reading light on an 8-hour charge.

The heart of the WakaWaka Power is the patented power management chip technology. Its combination with a solar panel that is 200% more efficient than its competitors enables an efficiency of over 90%. Furthermore, the software enables the device to recognise what type of phone (all brands) is being charged. It adjusts its charging behaviour accordingly in order to minimise the charging time required. It can fully charge a depleted iPhone within 2 hours, which in most cases is even faster than the grid itself! Smartphone owners love the WakaWaka Power for its performance, looks and durability.

WakaWaka is an essential accessory for all womenâ??s handbags

So much more than a powerbank, the WakaWaka Power and WakaWaka Light are indispensable products both in the developing world and in the West.

Your WakaWaka will give you

– A readily available torch to shine light when you need it most, or simply making it easy to always find those hard to see items
– An emergency light signal to help you out of tricky situations, calling attention to your location during times of possible distress
– The ability to always have your smartphone charged and ready for use, ensuring you are never out of contact with your loved ones ever again

Inspired by rural South Africa during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, sales of WakaWaka as lifestyle accessories have generated more than R40m since its original European launch in 2012 whilst more than 500,000 people living in disaster zones have benefitted from free or low cost lamps.

Reliable. Durable. Green. Renewable. Cost-Effective.

The WakaWakaâ??s plug-and-play capability will enable you to harness the sunâ??s energy for when you need it most, anytime and anywhere.
Wherever you go, WakaWaka will fit your adventure.

Available for only R799.00 (WakaWaka Power) and R399.00 (WakaWaka Light) online at

Purchase yours today and never be left â??powerlessâ?? ever again.