In a press release sent out today, the company makes the statement: â??SANRALâ??s e-tolls ‘marketing strategy’ has always involved a strong element of fear-mongering by threatening people with criminal records and other life-changing consequences for resisting their unjust and unduly expensive system of e-tolling, and simply cannot hope to get anywhere near to anything even remotely resembling ‘compliance’ without it.â?

They went on to say, â??What is somewhat intriguing however is why it would be that the NPA would risk prosecuting people when Gauteng Premier, David Makhuraâ??s so-called ‘panel of review on e-tolling’ has just been announced to much fanfare, and will only be concluding its report and handing it to the Minister of Transport on 30 November.â?

South African laws apply to the â??here and nowâ?, and not retrospectively – therefore, should people be prosecuted and convicted whilst the â??panel of review on e-tollingâ? does its job and a conclusion reached that e-tolling should be scrapped and replaced with another, efficient and less financially burdensome system of revenue generation, those convictions would stand.

As things stand, there are well over a million people who are going to have to be prosecuted, and two prosecutors, operating in the already overburdened South African criminal justice courts system, donâ??t stand any chance of making a significant dent in this figure.

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“The SANRAL strategy of prosecuting e-toll defaulters/detractors in criminal courts relies heavily on convictions being attained by the NPA, and since South Africa does still have a Constitution and functional courts; convictions for this ‘offence’ are NOT a foregone conclusion,” the statement says.

On 10 July, OUTA announced its â??Rule of Lawâ? campaign, and JPSA has come out in public support of it. We urge anyone summonsed by the NPA to approach OUTA the second that they receive summonses.