So, you have a thing for bad boys do you?

I used to be just like you. And I bet that you have been hurt more times than you can remember? But you keep running back. Or, even if you leave him, you keep ending up with the same type of man.

There are different types

You get the guys that are seriously bad. The ones with a violent streak, criminal record, history of drug abuse – that kind of bad.

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Then, you get the not-too-bad, just naughty types. Flirty, can’t commit, smooth-talking and can’t keep their zip up type of guy.

What is it about these men that women find so irresistible?

A character trait that everyone finds hugely attractive, is confidence and ‘bad boys’ are not lacking in this department. Confident, cocky and charming? Definitely a hard-to-resist mix.

Some women like the thrill of danger. A tough-guy with a record? Member of a gang? Involved in illegal drag racing? Believe it or not, there are ladies who get a kick out of being with these sorts of men.

Others love a good challenge. They think that they will be the one to make him turn his life around or that they will be the woman who finally gets him to the altar.

Let me tell you, if you do not get over your ‘thing’ for bad men, you are in for a VERY turbulent life. A life full of hurt, anger, disappointment and resentment.

You will NEVER be truly happy! Believe me – I have been there.