All womenstalk have a fun article about the re introduction of vintage hair styles:

The Pompadour: This is where you sweep all your hair straight up and away from your head, rather like a cone or exaggerated beehive. Miley Cyrus loves this style. It was popular during the time of the French Revolution.

The Bob: In Edwardian times women decided to discard their long complicated hair styles and opt for what was called The Bob. It was immensely popular and this rather tomboyish cut, a deep straight fringe, shorter at the back with slightly longer wings on both sides, encouraged a surge of independence and more freedom. Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been seen sporting this fashion.

Finger waving: Then in came the waves, which involved waving your wet hair with your fingers, backed up by a comb going in the other direction, forcing the waves into shape Very demure. Takes practice to do and the style will benefit from having hair spray.

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Victory Rolls: During World War II, women were seconded in to doing all sorts of manual work. The roll came about as a practical way to keep their locks out of the way. They simply rolled up their hair in long sausages. Can look stunning.

The Pixie Cut: Not for you if your man loves long hair. It is very short and wispy รข?? easy to maintain and can look very sexy. Think Halle Berry and Sharon Stone.

There are more styles with pics that you can see if you log on to: