Last updated on Nov 4th, 2015 at 08:38 am

Acne breakouts are on the rise. Try to tackle the underlying problems, and you will gradually beat the breakouts.

There are several possible causes of acne breakouts:
1. Fast (junk) food overloads our bodies with fat, salt and sugar. Clean up your diet, leave out the junk, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink enough water!

2. Hormonal surges, especially in teens. A half-hour walk, eating fresh fruit and drinking enough water every day, are known to help, and are easily accessible to all.

3. Environmental stress in our fast-paced lives these days – like traffic jams and crowds. Walking, exercise, sport, hobbies, relaxation techniques…all of these can help.

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4. Smoke emissions in the atmosphere. Spend time in a garden, a park, or the countryside, as often as you can. Perhaps have a plant in your house, or on your desk.
5. Smoking (or breathing others’ smoke) – it has been established, that in Britain, 45% of women who smoke have acne, as against 10% of non-smokers who have acne. If any in your family smoke, ask if they would please do so outside.

6. Inner stress. Calm down! Easier said then done, I know, but you can counteract some of lifeâ??s hassles by taking a vigorous walk every day, having a long, uninterrupted bath as often as you can, learn to meditate. Doing yoga is excellent.
7. Milk and any dairy products, especially cow’s. eliminate, or cut down drastically – it usually contains high levels of hormones, which can aggravate acne.

8. Eat Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are found in oily fish, eggs, olive oil, nuts and seeds. They reduce inflammation, cleanse the colon, and help balance your hormones.
9. As a last resort, see your doctor. There are treatments that will help to clear your skin.