Vaginal Rejuvenation is something that is taking the world by storm as the newest fad…

Plastic surgeons are inundated with requests and it is broadcast freely on the medical reality show 90210. Clients are reporting improved sensation, improved lubrication and function and improvement in the tissues themselves (so much more than mere cosmetic improvement).

Loss of tissue thickness as women age can make sex an unpleasant experience

Women experience a loss of tissue thickness, and atrophy of not only the skin but also mucosal membranes making intimacy painful, even to the extent that tissues can tear and bleed.

Carboxy therapy, which has been used since 1932 is now under investigation for many new uses in the anti-ageing industry, one of which is vaginal rejuvenation.

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Results of vaginal rejuvenation include improved sensation and response

The procedure consists of about four to five microinjections into the labia so that the gas travels right down into the tissues around the vaginal opening. It is an uncomfortable procedure but discomfort settles within minutes. Results include improved sensation, better lubrication and response to stimulation as well as those reporting that orgasms that had become a distant localised sensation, had returned to an experience of note.

Sessions can be done weekly or monthly and usually a set of six are done yearly.

Carboxy therapy also has benefits for men

As for the men, they have also benefitted. Carboxy therapy for erectile dysfunction is showing much promise with added benefits. The treatment results in an immediate erection, which subsides as normal.

Men have reported improvements in size, function and sensation. The added benefit being that as new capillaries supply the tissues, effects are long lasting and there is no side effect beyond the discomfort during the treatment time and the possibility of a bruise.

True anti-ageing

For both of these treatments the inherent effect of the carbondioxide micro-injection is to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (neo-angiogenesis), this supplies local tissues with good blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and blood cells which together allows regeneration and maintenance of tissue function. True ‘anti-ageing’.

Carboxy Therapy is offered at Clinic Reju in Durban as well as other centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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