Dylan is known for his reputation as a heart-breaking lothario, with three failed engagements and three illegitimate children under his belt, and his see-sawing between ex-fiancée Jeanine Victor and on-again off-again model girlfriend Bianca Homeier has been the subject of much media coverage

News of 35-year-old Dylan’s engagement to 21-year-old model girlfriend Bianca comes mere weeks after Huisgenoot reported how he allegedly played her off against Jeanine, also the mother of his one-year-old son, with back and forth lovey-dovey messages and promises of marriage on WhatsApp.

Jeanine (21) seemingly cottoned on to his two-timing ways, though, and finally dumped him early in October, after which he, according to Sondag, allegedly sent her a text message that read: “I will hate you from now on until my coffin lowers, YOU RUBBISH.”

But with her out of the way, he was free to return to the loving arms of Bianca, who told the publication: “We are working on it again… we love each other too much to lose each other. We are now closer than ever.”

Huisgenoot reports that both Dylan and Bianca on Tuesday night posted the same photo of themselves on WhatsApp, and her status since Monday reads: “I love you my baby!!!”

“Thanks that you love me and that you can be the man in my life! Nobody can break our love for each other!! XxX”

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The singer also updated his status on Monday, but his shorter and much less sweet message merely reads: “Welcome back my angel.”

Author: Team Talk