As part of the popular 5FM radio station’s drive-time team, Poppy recently accompanied her Fresh Drive team mates to the notorious party island, from which they were broadcasting live.

The crew also included DJ Euphonik, who was accompanied by Top Billing’ presenter girlfriend Bonang, and it’s allegedly jealousy over the popular DJ that triggered the two women’s violent brawl.

According to the Sunday Sun, the fight “took place in full view of international nightclubbers, 5FM management and contest winners, and bigwigs from the cellphone giant Samsung”

The publication received an in-depth account of the drama by an insider, who claims the trouble started even before the trip.

“Poppy had phoned Euphonik but Queen B returned the call with a string of insults,” the insider explained.

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Then, once in Ibiza, “Bonang complained to Euphonik that Poppy wasn’t talking to her, and he tried to bring the girls together”.

“But Poppy wouldn’t have it and refused to go to Bonang’s table,” says the source.

“Bonang didn’t take the rejection lightly and began throwing tantrums. Then Poppy went to Euphonik to apologise for snubbing Bonang and that’s when the shit really hit the fan.

“When Bonang saw that, she went straight for Poppy and began dragging her by the hair and pushing her around. The two ended up on the balcony. Had it not been for the reflexes of DJ Fresh, who was standing nearby, Poppy would have fallen off the balcony.”

Once pulled apart, Poppy apparently “walked away gracefully leaving Bonang still fuming”.

“Poppy just smiled and pulled herself together while Bonang was shouting and screaming,” the source added.

According to the informant, Bonang and Poppy used to be really good friends, but the Queen became jealous of Poppy’s friendship with Euphonik when she apparently realised he has a “soft spot” for her

When approached for comment, Bonang allegedly claimed that “nothing happened” and Poppy just said she doesn’t “want to talk about it”.

Author: Team Talk