Some reality shows are shocking!

When Big Brother hit our screens in what seems like a forever ago, everyone enjoyed watching regular people as opposed to actors on TV. No doubt, South African audiences got a pretty rude awakening to the ugly side of reality TV when Ferdinand Rabi poo’d in the garden. (Disfreakingusting!) That should have put all of us (especially me) off for life!!
But no, I regularly get a dose of the Kardashians and Kendra. Both can be cheesy and OTT at times but I can see a few, small positives at least. Like what Kim K is wearing, Kourtney’s baby Mason and Kendra’s hubby Hank (Yummo).
Anyway my bleat today is actually about the other totally ridiculous D-grade reality shows being pumped out. (Someone stop Ryan Seacrest! Stop him!)
Due to a serious lack of funds (roll on pay day) I was at home the whole weekend and as a result watched a lot of TV. I could easily have changed the channel at any given time but I wanted to see what these people were all about because their ugly mugs are often flashed in our mags …
Let me start by saying I will never watch this junk again. Ever!! It was like spending the day at the bottom end of the gene pool!

(Should be called: Kitsch city slickers)
There is only one way to describe the women’s fashion sense: Hooker Chic! I mean who does pvc (shiny fake leather) from head to toe, teased up hair and heavy blue eyeshadow during the day (or ever actually)?! Cheap and tacky. Ladies … Transvestite barbie is never… repeat … NEVER a good look!!

The guys a.k.a. ‘guidos’ aren’t any better. Mommy’s boys who clearly live on a diet of steriods, mamma’s pasta and hair gel. Not even mildly attractive.
Oh and Snookie, Willy Wonka called. He says the oompa loompas are missing their little sister!
Dallas Divas and Daughters
This should be called ‘Let Momma teach you how to be a two faced, back stabbing b*itch’. These mothers and their daughters are so superficial and pathetic. They are meant to be Dallas ‘High Society’. The only thing high – is them – on their over inflated egos. Terrible. They all need a big fat slice of humble pie!!
Long island princesses
A bunch of young women who all come from privileged backgrounds but clearly missed the ‘how to act like a lady bus’ because they behave more like Long Island Ho-billys!’. They do have kind faces though … the kind I want to slap again … and again … and again!
Moral of the story:
Reality TV has no ‘Real’ and….
Money CAN buy you many things but it CAN’T buy you class!

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