2011 New Year’s resolutions and the reasons behind them….

 Wardrobe Watchers Anonymous 101 … retail therapy NOT allowed

I moved over the weekend and realised that over the years I have clearly picked up and cultivated a serious clothes buying disorder. My wardrobe is chunky and swollen!  I adore clothes and I definitely don’t want a little wardrobe. Curves in all the right places are essential i.e: nice dresses, good jeans, pretty tops … but I have so many items that have never been worn – price tag still attached, cruelly reminding me of all the money I have wasted. Some of the shockers I pulled out have definitely reached that worn ‘best before 25’ date.

I need to tame this shopping she-beast that lives within me. I am punishing her. No more feasting on cashmere, cotton and denim. She is going to live (very comfortably) on last year’s leftovers. I will not succumb to her calls of ‘needing something new for a date’ or ‘shop till you drop it’s a sale for heavens sake’!

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No! No! Her next ‘treat’ will be a beautiful dress for and on my 30th birthday in six months’ time. Very excited about all the ching-ching I am going to save!

 Pleasure Zone to be re-opened for business …

Things in my ‘sex life department’ have been rather bleak. Pathetic actually. Drought. (DIY antics do not count.)

Out of all my friends, I have the least (by far!) number of notches on my bedpost. I am extremely proud of this fact. However, I have decided that I will spend my last days as a twenty-something, footloose and panty … er I mean fancy free :). Live in the moment. Sin (read have fun) a little. Please note, I have no intention of turning into a raging slapper but I have never been with a younger guy, so I might just take my inner cougar for a spin hmmmm or, there is also this very sexy foreigner I know. Gentleman of note. Crazy about me. Husband material. Who knows? I might just spend all my ‘sin time’ on him.

However it pans out …. I am having at least one (hopefully big) party in my panties this year!  I hope I still know how to be a good hostess!! Gosh! Can I tell my guest it’s a practice round party?

 I will gain some weight … on my finger. Bespoke … platinum … princess cut … 2 carats …

Probably wildly ambitious but nevertheless I am putting it out to the universe (thanks for this nugget of a ‘secret’ suggestion Rhonda Byrne – it better work!) I am hoping my Mr Right is hiding in the pages of 2011! I really want to settle down. I want to be a wife and I really, really want to be a mommy! Broody is not even the word. I am ready. Bring it on Universe! My eyes are on the prize.

Live in a constant state of gratitude …

I will find something to be grateful for every single day. Come hell, high water or PMS, I will do this!

“Love and gratitude can part seas … It can move mountains and it can create miracles. The power of love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives no matter what the form has taken.” – Rhonda Byrne