Life in Jina’s shoes …Some issues stink…..

This problem stinks!!!

So, I have a totally faulty issue with poo…

I am not sure what started it but I know it is not normal. I know that everyone, including super models need to go at least once a day. (This is of course if said super model actually eats food and doesn’t live on a diet of ciggies and champagne. In that case I am sure only smoke rings and bubbles come out of her ass.)

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Anyway… as I was saying, I seriously freak out with anything poo related.

I hate it when your man says something “funny” like oh he just needs to go ‘drop the Cosby’s at the pool’. I mean eeeew! Does he not know that at that exact moment the images that race through my mind are so graphic I want to gag (literally).

How gross that they sometimes (like my brother in-law) take a book with them and proceed to stay in the loo for what seems like forever! Putting all those poo particles on the book? I never let my man take any of my mags with him to the loo. This is strictly forbidden!

Ladies (at least the ones I know) are a lot more discreet when it comes to this. We are in and out in a flash.

And what about when you are in a new relationship and you go away for the first time together? Most people’s initial reaction would be excitement. Mine? ‘Oh gosh, how will I go to the loo? How will I deal with him going to the loo? What if the toilet doesnt flush? What if I get a tummy bug?’

Anyway let me leave you with a bit of useless information:

Believe it or not this ‘condition’ has a name – ‘PARCOPRESIS’

Parcopresis can be described as â??an inability to defecate when other people are perceived or likely to be around (e.g. in the same public toilet, house or building).â? This inability limits the sufferer to being able to defecate only in a limited number of â??safeâ?? places thus restricting their lifestyle. The level of restriction varies depending on the severity of each suffererâ??s condition but in extreme cases it can force people to give up their jobs, avoid holidays they would love to take, and generally dictate and limit most aspects of their lives.

Parcopresis – ‘sh*t doesn’t happen!’