“From the evidence we have it is clear you are a member of one of the organisations that petitioned for the removal of Dr Basson from the medical practitioners’ roll,” said Basson’s lawyer Jaap Cilliers.

“We request that we be excused from the proceedings so that we can approach the high court to force you to provide us with further information regarding the issue at hand.”

Cilliers earlier said the defence had information that chairman of the hearing, Prof Jannie Hugo, signed a petition calling for the removal of Basson from medical practitioners’ roll.

Hugo was a member of an organisation that circulated the petition, he said.

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Cilliers did not state the name of the organisation

After a few minutes break, Hugo ruled that the matter would continue and that the defence could submit an application to the hearing regarding the matter.

Cilliers said the defence would approach the high court with evidence of their allegations, and ask the court to rule on the status of the hearing.

“We are going to approach the high court this morning to force you to provide this hearing with the necessary information. We have evidence that you supported the initiative to have Basson removed from the roll.”

Cilliers, Basson and the rest of the legal team left.

Hugo proceeded with the hearing.

Author: SAPA