Lotto has always been a part of peoples lives over the years because it gives them hope of a better future if they manage to win the jackpot prize because jackpot prizes especially from the top lotteries are life-transforming. For example, in the year 2016, 3 lucky punters won $1.586 billion which they equally shared together.

Every punter in South Africa would like to enter some of these popular lotteries like the US Powerball and Megamillions but it is not possible because there are laws that restrict these lotteries to be accessed in certain parts of the world and that has led to the creation of one of the most popular betting products in the South African betting industry called Lucky Numbers.

What are Lucky Numbers and why are they popular in South Africa as opposed to buying lottery tickets?

Many people confuse Lucky Numbers with the actual lotto, but these two are different although Lucky Numbers hugely depends on the lotto itself. When you are playing Lucky Numbers you will not be playing into the lotto pools, instead you will be betting on the numbers that will be drawn on that lotto draw. It is important to realise that Lucky Numbers have nothing to do with the lottery itself, for example, if you win a lucky numbers draw on SA Powerball, you do not claim it from Ithuba, rather the bookmaker you are betting with will be responsible for your payout. The good thing about Lucky Numbers though is the fact that they offer more betting markets than the actual lotto, you can bet on One number, Two numbers, Three numbers, Four numbers, Bonus ball and these markets depend on the draw.

Almost every bookmaker which operates in South Africa offers Lucky Numbers betting and this proves just how popular Lucky Numbers are among the South African punters, but what makes this betting product so popular?

Below are some of the reasons why Lucky Numbers betting is so popular in South Africa.
Lucky Numbers offers several betting opportunities as opposed to Lotto because with lotto, there is only one market, but there are several options when it comes to Lucky Numbers.
Lucky Numbers makes use of fixed odds betting which means that your payout is not determined by how many people win as with lotto since it is a pool.
Lucky Numbers is quite affordable as you can place a bet for as low as R1 but for some lotteries like SA Lotto, you must start at R5, which might be a lot for some punters.
With Lucky Numbers, punters have a chance to bet on international lotteries, although they will not be betting on the actual draw itself, it still gives them satisfaction.
Brief summary of the most popular Lucky Numbers games they bet on.
Several international and national lotteries are being used for Lucky Numbers, in fact a bookmaker can have up to 200 Lucky Numbers draws on their platform but there are some which are more popular than others.

According to research the South African punters mostly bet on SA Lotto, SA Powerball, SA Daily Lotto, UK49’s, France Lotto, Goslotto, US Powerball and Megamillions. The main reason why the South African lotto draws are very popular is obviously because the South African punters are very familiar with them and they understand the statistics for these draws. The other international lotto draws are favoured by punters because of their status and every punter want to bet on them and also the betting statistics on these leading lotto draws are available on the internet so it becomes easy for them to place informed bets on such lotto draws.

Which betting sites offer these Lucky Numbers draws?
As we have already indicated earlier, there is quite a number of bookmakers in South Africa which offer Lucky Numbers as a betting product and all these lotto draws are part of the Lucky Numbers offered. You can find Lucky Numbers betting from the following bookmakers:
World Sports Betting
GG Gaming
G Bets
World of Sports