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The weather is getting cooler and even while you are doing all you can, keeping your little one’s sniffles at bay can prove difficult

A child with a blocked and stuffy nose can be irritable, easily upset and a lot to handle. 

Here are three ways to ease your child’s discomfort when their nose is blocked.

Use a humidifier

Steaming has become more popular with many South Africans steaming as a preventative and home treatment method in the face of COVID-19.

A humidified or DIY steamer is one way of relieving nasal discomfort and works well for children too. 

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Eucalyptus rubs

Without a formal diagnosis or doctors visit, giving your child medicine and treatment can be dangerous. Natural remedies for nasal congestion like eucalyptus oil are safe for most people and have been used for centuries to clear a stuffy nose. 

Rubbing a eucalyptus rubs on your child’s chest and back can offer some relief and according to Healthline even treat irritated and inflamed sinus.

Keep their head elevated

When children are sick they sleep more than they usually do. Keep your child’s head elevated when they lay down with a pillow or rolled-up blanket. 

According to Medical News Today, when you or your child lay flat down mucus is allowed to pool, but when your head is elevated it can flow out of your nostrils relieving congestion.


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