We’ve enjoyed the drama every week and can’t wait to get the last sugary drops of this season’s Real Housewives of Durban reunion show.

We can’t wait to see what Nonku’s mom, The Queen has in store for Ayanda or how her conversation with Ayanda’s late husband and Nonku’s baby daddy Sfiso Ncwane had to say in their last conversation but we can’t help but wonder…

Why the housewives are never actually at home?

It’s clear, none of these successful businesswomen are actually housewives, but do they actually have a home life?
The dramatic and scintillating reality show has definitely dropped some bombs about let us into the previously private thoughts of some of Durban’s most impressive socialites, but we have had no insight into their home lives.
The illusive ladies have kept their time on the show strictly business. With launches, trips and events that turned our weekly peek into their private lives into one long, but entertaining infomercial.

Who invited Mabusi?

We love Mabusi’s strong and relatable personality, but we still have no idea who to thank for introducing us to this queen.
Although everyone thought it was Nonku, the two were clearly never friends and know each other casually through a mutual friend. So how is it that Mabusi was invited to Kgomotso’s event in the first place?

Is LaConco ever going to play open cards?

From the very first episode, Ayanda and Nonku have opened up about their uncomfortable ‘relationship’. We’ve heard touching and very real stories about the backgrounds of each housewife, how they met their partners, and all we know about LaConco is that she’s Googleable.

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While at the reunion she shared that she is not at liberty to discuss her fiance, former president Jacob Zuma, is she at liberty to share anything about herself?
Other than her business ventures, her strong personality and her glamorous fashion sense, we still know very little about LaConco.

What’s the beef between Ayanda and Zanele Mbokazi?

In one of the earlier episodes, Sorisha hosted a casino night where both Ayanda and Zanele were guests.
In true church lady style, nothing popped off. Even so, Ayanda was visibly uncomfortable with Zanele, and we wonder why.

Who are the hunks behind the camera?

There have been whispers about crushes on crew members and some off-camera hotness, and we’re feeling a little left out.
Will we ever get to see the hunks behind the camera?


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