South Africans have rallied around together to put a US TikToker on blast after he criticised Trevor Noah…

The man – who goes by the handle ‘dougromeo4212’ – spoke out at length about why he despises the SA comedian, who fronts US talk show The Daily Show.

The man can be heard questioning why Trevor – who recently hosted the Grammy Awards – speaks publicly about US politics and race relations.

He says; ““You come over here, you talk about how badly black people in America have it, how the f*** would you know? How do you know that? You’ve never struggled in this country, you live in mansions, you’re taking it easy. What’s your f****** struggle?”

The man even goes as far as to say that Trevor should have ‘just stayed home’

“He’s South African he comes to America looking for a better life, he is provided one and then he has the nerve to talk s*** about how bad every one is.

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“I preferred you just stayed home and not have any part of our society because YOU are the problem”.

@dougromeo4212##greenscreen original sound – user5879742569242

But SA users of the video app were not having it and let him know how they felt in the comments section

“Let me say this like a proper South African…v**tsek!”, said one user, whilst another added; “South Africa is not a country to mess with”.

A third added; “Fellow South Africans, attack!”.

Many users also disagreed with the man’s stance, claiming that Trevor had built his own success, and was not ‘provided it’ like the man suggested.

“Trevor has worked for everything he has”, claimed one user.

Another took the opportunity to throw shade back at the man

“You’re only salty because Trevor is talking facts. Truth hurts! The only thing you struggle with in USA is when someone calls out your privilege.”