Taking just over a year to produce, while navigating cross-border Covid-19 challenges, the film celebrates three incredible and humble women from South Africa, New Zealand and the United States of America.

From completely different cultures and backgrounds, these women are brought together through one common trait – their determination to do things their way.

Content marketing specialists, Fell + Co, celebrated the global launch of ‘Her Way’, a short film for Salomon’s International WMN campaign, at a private screening in Cape Town on 28 April 2021…

Meet Vuyiseka Arendse

Born in the small town of Beaufort West, South Africa, Vuyiseka Arendse began volunteering as a firefighter when she was 19. Now 26, the single mother and family breadwinner works for the NCC in Cape Town as a member of the Juliet Crew, the first-ever all-female firefighting team in the country, protecting local landmarks from wildfires in the Western Cape region.

Meet Nancy Jiang

Chinese-born Nancy Jiang moved with her family from Ma’an Shan to Auckland, New Zealand when she was five. She studied structural engineering and today is the only female engineer in her firm. Small in stature and needing to prove herself in the workplace, she found her release through a love of trail running in the mountains of Queenstown, despite having been told as a kid that “Chinese people do not run.”

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Meet Melody Buck Forsyth

A caregiver at heart, Melody Buck Forsyth is a mother of four and a delivery nurse. In 2015, she gave birth to her daughter, Ruby, who was born with Down Syndrome. Despite “sometimes getting looks on the trail” because she might not fit the hiker stereotype, the outdoors has served as an escape for Melody and her family, where they connect and decompress.

The concept evolved from the 2019 Salomon WMN campaign, whereby women were displaying their defiance of common stereotypes. This year’s campaign focuses on sharing real stories of women who simply lived as though these stereotypes did not exist. Capturing this in a documentary style was crucial in relaying an authentic message that women could truly get behind.

“It’s not about putting women on a pedestal, it’s about taking the pedestal away and allowing equal opportunity to do anything in life we choose to pursue. The authenticity of the film is captured by its three characters and how they resonate with us, as women. We all have the ability to be and achieve more if assumptions and stereotypes are ignored,” says Kirsten Gerber, Producer at Fell + Co.

Her Way is largely a female effort, with nine women contributing to the production

The film also includes an original score titled Her Way, composed for the film by Clare Vandeleur with lyrics and vocals by Danielle Bakkes.

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