For someone who doesn’t have wall to wall carpets, carpet cleaner could seem like an odd thing to have. Surely there are other detergents I could use to wash my little rugs…

but I am among the laziest people I know and I have discovered a few cleaning hacks and shortcuts with Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner that have made my life a lot easier.

Clean the blinds

Vertical or panel blinds are a great idea until you’re faced with the mammoth task of cleaning them.
Most of the time, the material doesn’t do well in the washing machine and to avoid ruining your blind completely, it’s best to try and keep your blinds as dry as possible during cleaning.
The brush attachment on Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner is perfect for scrubbing off little handprints on the blinds, and the cleaning solution is specifically designed to leave as little moisture as possible on your carpets (in my case blinds), which is perfect.

DIY car wash

Car seat stains are almost unavoidable with children and pets as frequent passengers. Washing your car seats can be a messy business, between the damp smell that doesn’t quite go away or wet seats that take forever to dry.
Carpet cleaner is a great option for washing the exterior of your car. In fact, Dr. Beckmann Carpet Cleaner, with its trademark brush attachment, is perfect for an almost dry clean and allows you to be in total control of the scrubbing and how much detergent you use.

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All upholstery

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