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Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 11:50 am

Yes, we’ve been wearing masks and face shield and sanitizing everything for over a year, but no, it’s not something you get used to. It’s uncomfortable, my glasses fog up and my face sweats and I almost always catch myself climbing out of the car without my mask

While the alternative, possibly catching a severe case of COVID-19 is a lot worse (no contest), face masks could be more comfortable and I am happy to report that with AirPop I’m masked up and happy.

An effective mask can also be a comfortable mask

While bandanas and workout scarves are an ‘acceptable’ face-covering in most places. The trade-off for the lighter more breathable material is that it isn’t as safe.
My go-to home mask efficiency test is to blow onto my hand through the mask. If I can feel it, the virus can move in and out through the mask.
On first wear, I was concerned that I was breathing too comfortably in the Airpop mask, but not a breeze escaped the mask

Bringing my lipstick back out

Not being able to wear lipstick was an unexpected blow for me. Even though it is completely ridiculous and unnecessary I’ve Worn lipstick smudges under my mask. I’ve worried about clownish smeared lipstick every time I take my mask off to eat or drink something.
An unexpected benefit of the AirPops design is that the mask covers my lips without touching them!
This is purely cosmetic for me, for my son who has very dry skin and lips loves being able to wear his lip balm and finally beat painfully chapped lips.

To ventilate or not to ventilate

A ventilation hole has been a controversial comfort that many people have turned to even though there is mixed information about how effective a mask with a ventilation hole is at filtering air that goes both in and out.
AirPop masks are designed with the option for adding a ventilation hole with a filter, but to be honest there is no need to.
I can breathe! My glasses aren’t steaming up and the back of my ears don’t hurt all without the ventilation hole.

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Can this be an everyday mask?

They’re comfortable, sleek and have a design you can wear with just about any outfit, but best of all, they are effective.
But AirPop masks are disposable. You can wear each mask for 40 hours without compromising its efficiency. So technically baring any messy accidents you should be able to wear each mask out of your pack of four for the whole work week (if you only wear your mask during office hours).
For approximately R200, the price is comparable to the cost of 100 disposable masks.

AirPOP pocket Face Mask (4) R158 (normal price R209),


airpop mask

Review: Are Airpop masks worth the price?

While the alternative, possibly catching a severe case of COVID-19 is a lot worse (no contest), face masks could be more comfortable and I am happy to report that with AirPop I’m masked up and loving it.

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