The price of electricity has gone up just in time for winter.

Between the cost of electricity and the unpredictable availability, you need to be savvy about your electricity use, especially when it comes to keeping your home warm.

Change your light bulbs

We all know to turn the lights off when we leave a room, but the light bulbs we use when the lights are on can make a difference too.
LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights without making your home dim.
LED lightbulbs will also help you save costs because they generally last longer than other types.

Use a double-barrel door stop

Aside from dust, dirt and insects finding their way into your home from the gap under your door, drafts and cold air can find their way in, in the same way.
You might think this is something small, but it does make a difference. Getting a double-barrel door stop means the space beneath your door is properly sealed, keeping warm air in and cold air out.
Making sure your windows are also properly, sealed will also help.

If it’s off, unplug it

Even though appliances are switched off, if they are plugged into the wall they could be idly taking using up to 50% of the electricity they usually use when actually working.
Switch off your plugs and unplug every time to avoid unconsciously using electricity.

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Hang winter curtains

Thicker curtains in winter can help keep the draft out. Even properly sealed windows can let in a bit of cold air in winter. Thick curtains can help keep this cold air out, even if it is just a little bit.
In a house with many windows, this could make a palpable difference.

Shower, don’t bath

Taking a bath might seem like the best way to control the amount of water you use, but while you could be limiting the amount of water you are using, it is still more water than you would use in an average shower.

If your geyser is always on it maintains the water heat for less electricity than it uses to heat cold water. As you use water, your geyser refills and heat the water to maintain the temperature. Using less hot water means also using less electricity.


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