Zac Efron has fueled rumours he’s had plastic surgery, and it’s all down to a clip of him with a noticeably different appearance…

The actor and reality TV star was a trending topic on Twitter after screenshots of his face in an Earth Day Facebook promo video went viral.

Zac showed off fuller lips and a more square jawline – in stark contrast to his fresh faced High School Musical look or even recent appearance for that matter – with many fans questioning if the Disney star had had work done.

Here’s the clip which got tongues wagging..

“What did Zac Efron do to his face and why does he look like the Crimson Chin?” tweeted one shocked tweep, whilst another added; “Whatever happened…I’m praying that its merely an allergic reaction.”

A third claimed that insecurities and unrealistic expectations pushed the star to alter his appearance.

“Zac Efron getting a new jaw and face structure is proof that even walking Demi-Gods aren’t free of society’s toxic beauty ideals,” they posted.

Take a look at more Twitter reactions from fans…


Some tweeps even used the opportunity to throw shade at fellow celeb Khloe Kardashian, who has also been linked to plastic surgery.

Do you think Zac has had work done or are fans overreacting?