Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2021 at 04:39 pm

Some celebs never seem to age – and Unathi Nkayi is one of them!

The Idols SA presenter posted a ’20 year challenge’ picture on Instagram and her fans – including us – were totally amazed!

Boasting a glowing complexion, pearly whites and brows on fleek, Unathi has certainly discovered the fountain of youth!

“You’re ageing gracefully, natural beauty,” commented one follower, whilst another added; “You look younger and more beautiful now”.

Take a look…

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The media personality also shared a ’10 year challenge’ pic where she showed off her incredible weight loss…



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She also shared a few of her weight loss and fitness tips as well as words to live by with her followers…

They include;

  • ALWAYS put yourself first. .. DO YOU and be kind to you because you are the ONLY you you will ever be
  • Choose joy, because that sets the mood for the day
  • Try to eat clean for as many days as possible….I eat clean Mon-Fri and then on the weekends I ‘misbehave’
  • Stop using products…Eat healthy and clean and you will lose weight. Cut down on sugar, wheat and dairy and the weight will fall off.
  • It’s okay to not have it all together JUST honour yourself and how you’re feeling
  • You cannot out-gym a bad diet and you cannot eat products to minus a bad diet
  • I believe that confidence is built, not something we are born with or can all assume to possess…through practice, repetition and habit, familiarity is created and confidence built to complete whatever task is at hand.