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Tik Toker Pollypocket1891 shares simple and easy to follow recipes on the social media platform regularly. But it isn’t her food she is known for

The content creator and self-proclaimed ‘CEO of floozy storytimes’ are famous for the hilarious details of the messy divorce she shares in a monotone voice during videos of her recipes.

Spring rolls and heartbreak

In the first video in a series of posts about her divorce, “Pollypocket” makes quick and easy spring rolls while talking about how her husband of seven years was having an affair with his secretary.
Although fans have called her to account far fetched, many admit to being invested in the story anyway.

@pollypocket1891When you know YOU KNOW Pt 3 ##fyp ##bagofturf♬ original sound – Pollypocket1891

Pasta for the pain

Although her stories by far outshine her recipes. Her bolognese tagliatelli caught our attention. We could see ourselves tucking into it while she shared the ridiculous story about her ex wanting to go to marriage counselling after losing his job and his new girlfriend.

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@pollypocket1891Couples therapy? Made a delicious bolognese tagliatelle while I laughed at the thought ##fyp♬ original sound – Pollypocket1891

“It’s ok to cheat sometimes”

Polly’s sense of humour and absolute ridiculousness is really entertaining, but also educational.
Responding to a request from a fan on her page, Polly made a brownie, Oreo cheesecake that looked so decadent she had our mouths watering even though she spent the video talking about her scumbag ex.
Using a brownie cake mix, Polly tells her viewers “it’s ok to cheat sometimes, but only in the kitchen.”


@pollypocket1891Reply to @mikubuterfly it’s complicated pt 1 also here is a quick hack for Cheesecake Oreo brownies ##fyp♬ original sound – Pollypocket1891


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