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Nobuhle ‘Mimi’ Mahlasela has added her name to the growing number of South African celebrities who are speaking out about their mental health…

The actress ,who plays Aggie Meintjies on the popular Afrikaans soapie, shared her experiences of suffering from depression and anxiety with her social media followers.

Sharing a thought-provoking post on Instagram, Mimi revealed that she experienced a frightening anxiety attack after becoming overwhelmed.

She wrote; “I woke up one day last week and I couldn’t take it anymore! I was overwhelmed with traumatic incidents I encountered and all the thoughts in my head the last couple of months. I cried so much I couldn’t breath and I had a severe headache through out this episode…It was an anxiety attack”.

However the body positive star and plus size model revealed that she chose to seek help in the midst of her anguish.

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She continued; “I picked up the phone called my sister and a close friend to let them know that I’m not okay, and that simple act of calling someone was me fighting! I eventually gathered myself and went to work, driving to work I saw stopped behind a truck and there in front of me there was a sign that I am going to be okay.

Mimi then opened up about her mental health struggles that she has endured throughout her life. She also revealed she had attempted suicide as a child

“I’ve been fighting depression & anxiety all my life by “managing” and “controlling” it by simply blocking traumatic experiences I’ve encountered since I was a young girl, I attempted suicide twice in my life because…I just did not want to be here and feel this pain anymore,” she wrote.

Now the star is seeking help and is sharing her story in the hopes of helping others who are in similar experiences.

She added; “I started therapy this year, I’m so happy and relieved I finally did because what I’ve been carrying all these years has been immensely draining….I’m happy I decided to fight this. I’m not an expert but I’m learning and I’m on a journey of healing.

“..It is important to talk about mental health and most importantly know that there is help”.



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Nobuhle joins a long list of stars sharing their battles with mental illnesses, including Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musiḓa, Melanie Bala, Lalla Hirayama, Nina Hastie and Rachel Kolisi.


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