Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 12:18 pm

Despina Senatore, founder of Purposeful Woman and author of Soar!, has partnered with Young Women for Life NPO, which is supported by UN Women, to change teen girls’ futures…

Senatore set a goal of raising funds to donate her guidebook to the young girls who participate in the NPO’s programmes in informal settlements of South Africa.

Soar! is a guidebook written with a focus to inspire teen girls’ lives, futures, and careers. It features real stories from local women who changed the course of their lives by defying the odds and explored so called unconventional careers.

The guidebook also showcases 50 careers, from the perspective of young women who are pursing them, including actuarial science, firefighting, coding, different types of engineers, work in film and hospitality to name a few. Soar! also includes mindfulness exercises to help girls cope with the everyday pressures that come with adolescence.

450 Books handed over to young women

Senatore’s International Women’s Day campaign was hugely successful, and 450 books were handed over to Young Women for Life in April. The NPO will distribute the guidebooks to girls in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, and Mpumalanga.

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“I would like young girls to identify with the women featured in Soar!. I want them to take inspiration from the fact that these women were girls in similar situations once and took ownership of their lives; and worked towards better futures for themselves. My goal is for young girls to realise that they can do the same,” said Senatore.

“I want them to see that there is a different life path for them if they choose to believe it. The guidebook aims to give them hope that it is possible. Hope is a powerful motivator. My hopes are that Soar! will be the motivation they need to commit themselves to getting through school and to persevere, despite their current circumstances.”

Senatore is extending the campaign to raise funds for a further 350 guidebooks by Youth Day in June. If you wish to donate towards potentially changing a young girl’s future, get in touch with Senatore on her website