Mihlali has publicly put a top airline on blast after she claimed her wig went missing from her luggage…

The YouTuber and social media influencer took to Twitter to name and shame British Airways in a series of tweets that went viral.

Alleging her bag was broken into, Mihlali tweeted; “I’m so f***ng annoyed…

“…Someone at the airport broke the cable off my bag and stole my wig”.

She also claims the bag belonging to her manager was also broken into.

“They broke my managers bags zip too by the way, this thief was working overtime tonight,” she added.

Tagging the airline directly, the stylish star also claimed that BA also “owes her money from December”

She tweeted; “I want my money @British_Airways”.

Mihlali went on to explain that the airline reportedly owes her money stemming from “an error someone made internally while doing my booking telephonically”.

She added; “I emailed them about the refund and I have not received a response since. Now my wig, I’m naar”.

And to top it all off, the furious star revealed that staff were not able to assist her.

“Lady at baggage enquiries is telling me they aren’t held liable coz it’s a wig? Balance me please.

Following the revelation, BA responded to Mihlali’s tweet offering to look into the incident.

But Mihlali was still seeing red.

“If I don’t get my refund and wig money I’m bringing it back to the TL, these companies love talking privately after doing kak,” she added.


Hilariously a number of Mihlali’s followers also contacted British Airways, demanding that they ‘return’ her money and wig.

It’s not the first time the beauty blogger has had a run-in with an airline – back in 2019, Mihlali accused FlySafair staff of being ‘racist’ and calling a group of her friends ‘animals’.

FlySafair and Mihlali later released a joint statement claiming they had come to an amicable agreement.