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You’ve kept up with basic hygiene, but your armpits still smell. This is an embarrassing problem that several people struggle with for various reasons

Here are some things to consider if bathing regularly isn’t enough to keep sweaty odours at bay.

Why your armpits smell

Your armpits are the perfect place for bacteria to hideout. It’s dark, warm and moist in there and bacteria thrive in that environment. 

When interacting with sweat some of the bacteria hiding out in your armpits cause an odour. 

The best way to body odour, you need to prevent the bacteria and sweat from interacting. 

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Get antiperspirant or deodorant that works for you

The most common reason for armpit odour (if hygiene is not the issue) is that your antiperspirant is failing you. 

According to Healthline, the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant is how they work although they have a similar goal, to try and keep the smell away. 

Deodorants are usually alcohol-based and make the environment in your armpits acids and inhospitable for bacteria. While this may work to stop odour, it will not stop you from sweating, which may also wash away your deodorant and lead to an odour that sneaks up to you near the end of the day.

Antiperspirants block the pores in your armpits and prevent you from sweating. Because you don’t sweat, the bacteria in your armpits don’t interact with sweat, and you don’t have that body odour. 

Antiperspirant can also rub off during the day, creating gaps of skin that sweats.

Use antibacterial wipes 

Because both antiperspirants and deodorants can become less effective through the course of the day, you might need to do a touch-up.

Putting deodorant or antiperspirant over already sweaty armpits doesn’t always work. 

Using antibacterial wipes on your armpits first gives you a clean slate to work on. This is a quick, easy and convenient way to top up on your hygiene during the day.


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