Meghan Markle was noticeably absent from Prince Philip’s funeral service at the weekend, but despite this still managed to make headlines…

The heavily pregnant star was advised against flying to pay her last respects to the grandfather of her husband, Prince Harry, who died earlier this month.

Instead she watched the service from home.

She also sent a floral wreath and hand-written note which was displayed inside Windsor Castle during the sombre service.

But even in avoiding the spotlight, Meghan has been accused of orchestrating a ‘publicity stunt’ – the former actress has been slammed for reportedly ‘leaking’ details of her family bouquet to the public

According to royal biographer and close friend of Meghan, Omid Schobie, the bouquet was crafted by a top London florist and contained a bright arrangement of flowers, which was displayed inside the church.

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According to Harper’s Bazaar, the personalised bouquet was created as an ode to the 99-year-old royal, containing Eryngium to represent Philip’s ties to the Royal Marines, the national flower of Greece; Acanthus mollis, Campanula, to represent “gratitude and everlasting love”, and roses to mark the royal’s birthday in June.

“‘I think everyone will be very happy with the input that they’ve had into all of this”, Omid told The Daily Mail of their gift.

But despite the seemingly-thoughtful gesture, tweeps have accused Meghan of leaking details of the private gift to the press

One tweep wrote; “It’s normal for people to send a wreath and note after someone dies. What isn’t normal is then running to the press, or leaking details via friends, just so you can make it all about you and use it as some sort of PR-stunt.”

Another asked; “What does she want, a medal? It’s what people do, except normal people don’t generally feel the need to advertise the fact by shouting it from the roof tops”.

Some even dragged Meghan’s interview with Oprah into the debate…

On the flipside, other tweeps praised Meghan for her ‘thoughtfulness’…