Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musiḓa has opened up about a time in her life where she was physically beaten by bullies

The mental health activist was responding to the death of Limpopo schoolgirl Lufuno Mavhunga who tragically committed suicide after a video of her being beaten by a bully went viral.

Shudu claimed the incident “triggered” her, as she went through a similar experience

She shared in an Instagram Story this week; “When I was between the ages of 11 and 12, I got beaten up so badly by a group of guys and girls, and I remember apologising so much. I remember the girls cheering on the guy that was kicking my ribs until I realised that it wouldn’t stop. So I didn’t bother crying because I knew it wouldn’t help.

“My mom knew little about the bullying, but never knew how bad it was. I was in pain for about a week, but I couldn’t tell anyone. The Lufuno story is so triggering. All I can see is how she stood there and didn’t do anything because you get to that point.”

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Shudu also reflected on the impact bullying on mental health

“This incident highlights how important it is to combat bullying and take action. Silence is complacency and we cannot be complacent when it comes to harm.


Shudufhadzo Musiḓa has opened up about being bullied and beaten as a child
Image credit: Instagram Stories @shudufhadzomusida


The beauty queen – who hosts a weekly live chat called ‘Mindful Mondays –  has been vocal about her mental health struggles and how she also experiences ‘off days’.

She wrote in an Instagram post; “I’m not as strong as I’d like to be on most days,…I think I’m explaining this because I want people to know that it’s okay to not be okay but they’re not alone. I’m Miss South Africa but I too have struggles and I can only hope that with the little I do through ‘Mindful Mondays’ people can know that they’re not alone”.


She’s also revealed that she was bullied as a child for being Venda.

Last month Shudu was trolled online after she revealed her ambition is to become president of the country.