The Real House Wives of Durban probably aren’t friends in real life

The clashes, discomfort and misunderstandings we tune in for every week are all the result of strangers being pushed together for the sake of entertaining reality TV, and in the case of the fragile friendships, the ladies walked in with; pulled apart by reality TV.

The Cape of bad vibes

As is the norm at the RHOD dinner table, the moment you stand up and walk away from the dinner table, you become the subject of conversation.

It was all about Mabusi before, the criticism, snide remarks, and now at her own event, it’s Nonku’s turn.

Overwhelmed by her drama with Mabusi and some flashbacks from a not-so-happy past, Nonku steps away from the dinner table for a quick massage, her hosting skills became the topic of conversation.

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Ayanda and LaConco took the opportunity to dig in their nails and rip her to shreds.

Ayanda gets ratchet

While Ayanda has always played umamfundisi very well, being abandoned at the dinner table by a host in desperate need of a massage, might have been too much for her.

Flying through to the ratchet side in first class with Laconco by her side, Ayanda and LaConco words were exchanged and the two were incensed by Kgomotso who made it clear she was not afraid of them.

While she classed it up by trying to defend their host. She slipped back into the gutter by trying to drag Nonku (fresh from her massage and heart to heart with Annie) into the drama by reporting back what Ayanda and Laconco had to say about her hosting.

WWE smackdown? is that you?

The Real House Wives are supposed to be the cream of Durban’s social crop, but the elegance and glamour of it all, seem to have been forgotten in Durban.

While in Cape Town, the ladies are letting it all hang out and raring for a fight. Luckily things didn’t end as badly as they did with RHOJ, with our beloved Christall Kay allegedly being beaten to a pulp.

We can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us.



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