Tamara Dey has decided to speak out after secretly battling health issues for the last six months…

The singer and mother of one took to her social media to reveal that she has been “in and out of hospitals” for an undisclosed illness, which even saw her undergoing several surgeries, and land in ICU.

“I fell very ill in August 2020 and have been in and out of hospital since,” Tamara said of her health scare.

A series of events have led her to become vocal about her personal struggles, including losing three friends to suicide and brain cancer.

“I’ve kept quiet about it because I’m not a person who likes to talk about my struggles publicly. I’ve always had way too much pride and never liked the idea of people seeing me down and out.

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But being “vulnerable” is just as important is being strong, claims Tamara

She continued; “When I ended up back in the hospital this week for another surgery I decided I needed to talk about it.

“I thought that maybe, if I opened up a bit and share more with you about my pain and my struggles that perhaps some of you out there might have the courage to do the same?

“We need to get better at being vulnerable and better at taking good care of ourselves and of each other

Tamara then offered a word of encouragement to her followers

She added; “I know there are so many of you out there dealing with a multitude of struggles right now.

“What ever hardships you might be facing please don’t struggle alone in silence, because you are not alone and you are very much loved.



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Tamara is not the only celebrity who has been vocal about their state of mind.

Media personality and Idols SA judge Unathi Nkaya spoke out about being cyberbullied by a follower and how such actions ‘humiliated her’.


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Former child star Sade Giliberti also spoke about feeling “a little off” and spoke to her followers about the importance of prioritising mental health.


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Let’s all be a little more kinder to each other – especially now!