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As Covid-19 vaccines continue to roll out throughout the world, a number of side-effects have been observed, including a potential false positive on mammogram results…

According to the Johns Hopkins University there is no link between breast cancer and Covid-19 vaccines, but what is important is that the vaccine may affect your mammogram result.

“The Covid-19 vaccine, like other vaccinations, can cause a temporary enlargement of lymph nodes. This can cause your mammogram to appear abnormal even when you are OK and there is no indication of cancer,” says Dr. Lisa Mullen, a radiologist who specialises in breast imaging in an article for Johns Hopkins University.

According to Dr. Mullen, the spot under the arm where the vaccine was administered begins to swell as an immune response to it – something not uncommon when getting other vaccines like shingles or pneumonia as well.

Mullen also mentions that the enlarged lymph nodes are not permanent.

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“If a mammogram shows that your lymph nodes look large and there’s not an obvious explanation for the change, the radiologist is likely to consider this an abnormal finding. That means you get a call-back.”

Mullen also advises, that even with knowledge of a vaccine, if a mammogram does come back positive its better to do a follow up appointment as “it is better to be safe than sorry.”



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