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A period is something many women have in common, but every woman’s cycle is different. While some experienced excruciating period pains, others feel nothing at all

Here are three things women believe about their period that makes menstruating a bigger ordeal than it needs to be.

Bathing during your period makes your flow heavier

Although many women instinctively want to take better care of their hygiene during their period, some women do it without soaking in the bath or taking hot showers. 

A myth believed around the world is that soaking in a hot bath or taking very hot showers makes your period heavier. 

While this is not true, some women do experience heavier periods than others. According to WebMD the most common cause of a heavy period is a hormone imbalance.

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Women with high oestrogen levels produce a thicker uterine lining which sheds through a heavier period. 

Walking barefoot doesn’t period pains worse

Walking barefoot is not related to your menstrual cycle and while myths that menstruating women should avoid cold foods and drinks because it would cause period pains, temperatures do affect your period.

Using a hot water bottle on your lower abdominal area has helped soothe period pains for millions of women around the world for decades. 

A study was done at University College London found that heat doesn’t just provide comfort, but actually eases pain at a molecular level.

You can’t cook during your period

Women do most of the cooking in most households, there are women chefs and cooks who work all year round and women who maintain the same favourite foods regardless of the time of the month. 

Although women and all the faculties are fully functional during their periods, A study published by the National Library of Medicine found that the four basic tastes were influenced differently by blood hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. Sensitivity to sweet taste increased with an increase of oestradiol, while sensitivity to bitter taste increased with an increase of progesterone. 

So while the way you taste food changes during your period, it is only marginally and will not make you suddenly unable to cook a good meal.


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