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Omega-3 s have many benefits for your heart and brain health. Often prescribed to expectant moms, Omega3’s are not just a prenatal supplement but are beneficial at all stages of life

Here’s why you should be taking Omega 3s and how to get them as part of your diet. 

Promote brain health

Omega 3 is critical for brain growth and development, this makes it an important supplement for expectant moms who may not be getting all the Omega 3s they need from their diet so that the nutrients can be passed to their growing babies. 

Omega3 remain important throughout the life of growing children and can contribute to optimal brain development and optimal brain health.

Aside from physical development, studies have shown that Omega3 can be beneficial in the treatment of mental health conditions like ADHD, anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders. 

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Reduce inflammation 

Inflammation goes hand in hand with a number of different health conditions. It is associated with lifestyle illnesses, ageing and injuries. 

Omega3 reduces your risk of inflammation and also helps your body recover from it. 

Heart health

Your heart and blood vessels keep all your organs going. While your cardiovascular system is durable, lifestyle choices, stress and illness can take their toll. 

Omega3 can contribute to the upkeep of your heart and blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and reduce your risk of strokes by preventing blood clots. 

Omega 3 in your food 

Fish is one of the most common sources of Omega3. Plant oils nuts and seeds also contain Omega3, however most people who meet their Omega3 requirements do this through supplements. 

3 Omega3 rich recipes 

Pita with tuna mas huni recipe

DIY trail mix recipe

Pistachio-Cumin Salmon with Crispy Kale & Carrots recipe


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