Zouki Café in Melbourne, Australia is being sued after a woman allegedly slipped on a hot chip while buying her lunch in 2015…

According to Perth Now, 59 year old Roxanne Britton claims she slipped when she stepped on a fallen chip at the cafe at Monash Medical Centre during her lunch and had health implications as a result. She suffered a lower back injury from the fall, including two prolapsed discs, and pain in her leg, foot and knee. Britton also suffered a degree of mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

Britton lodged a claim with WorkSafe, Victoria’s worker’s safety and compensation body, from which she received compensation of $141 000 (Over R2m). The body is now claiming the money back from the party they say is responsible – Zouki Café owned by Flinders Group.

According to WorkSafe, Flinders failed to implement a system to keep the floor clean and created a slipping hazard while failing to properly manage foot traffic, giving customers a safe entry and exit point – all of which has been denied by the group.

Court documents lodged by the Victorian WorkCover Authority allege Britton endured serious injuries and pain as well as a severe financial loss. The injuries affected her work and she eventually could no longer work at all and has not been able to work since.

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“As a result of the accident, the plaintiff was injured and will continue to suffer loss and damage,” the claim alleges.

In its reply to the court, The Flinders Group denied the incident was caused by its negligence and rather stated that Brittin should take responsibility for her own negligence in allowing herself to fall.

The matter is set to continue in court on 2 September.