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Are you on a diet, working out, but still gaining belly fat? 

Your belly and tummy area can be one of the hardest parts to lose fat. Belly fat isn’t just a cosmetic concern but also increases your risk for some lifestyle illnesses. 

Here are foods that add layers to your tummy.

Cooldrink and energy drinks

Sugary foods are bad news when you’re trying to lose weight. Aside from making a negative contribution to your health, and adding calories to your diet, cool drinks and energy drinks have low or no nutritional value. 

A study found that overweight people who enjoyed a high sugar diet were more likely to develop reduced insulin sensitivity and increased weight gain in the abdominal area.

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A beer belly is a real thing

Alcohol can delay your weight loss process. Beers, ciders and spirit coolers have a combination of ingredients that make them a high-calorie choice.

Spirits on ice could be a better booze option if you are watching your weight.

While a beer belly does not exclusively come from drinking beer, according to Cleveland Clinic, alcohol does not only contribute to weight gain by adding more sugar and calories to your diet; it also disrupts weight loss. The liver is one of the organs in the body that processes fat. When you drink alcohol your liver prioritises processing the alcohol and halts fat burning. 

Processed meats

Deli meats are a yummy savoury snack. Because they are meat and high in protein, people sometimes assume they make for a healthy snack, however, because they are also typically high in saturated fat, they are mostly bad for you.

Processed meats have been linked to increased risks of heart attacks, strokes, digestive problems and increased belly fat. 

According to The Healthy, processed meats could seem to contribute more to belly fat more than fat overall, because of the combination of fat and bloating coming from digestive issues. 

High carb foods

Carbohydrates can be part of a healthy balanced diet. However, too much of a good thing can be very, very bad.

Carb dense foods are harder to for your body to metabolise into energy and are likely to just become fat. According to The Healthy, they also increase the risk of insulin resistance and inflammation of the digestive tract. 

Salty snacks

For most people, the known enemy is sugar, but salt can also contribute to bad health and weight gain. 

Salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure and also contributes to water retention, which can make look and feel bloated.



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