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Cartoons can be an age-appropriate means of teaching children some valuable lessons, but is this the case with all of them?

When Peppa Pig hung up the phone on her friend Suzy Sheep because Suzy could whistle and she could not, Peppa came under fire in a lot of homes. It was hilarious, because humans can be envious, but are we teaching children to be envious and rude?

“My son is rude because of Peppa,” one mom says. “Peppa Pig is rude, obnoxious, interrupts adult conversations, is selfish. There are so many reasons she’s banned in our home.”

“My daughter has been watching Peppa Pig for about five years she talks just like her in the same accent,” says another mum.


Divided opinions

Peppa’s accent is a reason why some parents enjoy the cartoon. A mom said her daughter’s command of the English language impeccable because of Peppa Pig.

Child expert Dr. Jenny Rose says “there are big discrepancies in how children differentiate reality and fantasy.” She adds that parents need to be mindful of the content their kids are watching.

All4Women asked South African moms which cartoons are “cancelled” in their homes, and why.

Here’s what they answered:

Teen Titans and Power Rangers

These two came up top in homes where the kids feel like they could be ninjas. The constant kicking and rolling on the floor has become too much for some parents, and these shows have either been cancelled already or well on their way.

“My son kicks everything in the house because of Teen Titans,” said one mom.

Some moms even wished aliens could win the war against the Power Rangers and call it a day.

Princess Sofia

One mom is considering cancelling this little McGyver for her solution-driven attitude. According to her, it gives kids, and herself, too much pressure to have the answers for everything and be good at everything.

“Why can’t I just figure things out like Sofia?” This is where she does not want her kids to end up.

Masha and the Bear

“Masha is pretty rough with all the animals, I don’t like it,” a mom said.

The Youtube live stream of Masha and the Bear has over 200K people watching, and is much loved. Masha’s squeaky voice, however, has driven a lot of moms crazy. At some point, even the pig swapped places with the wolves to get a break from Masha’s overbearingness.

Horrid Henry

DStv’s synopsis of Horrid Henry goes something like this:

“Get ready to meet Henry – a 10-year-old boy who’s always up to something.. well, horrid. He likes to throw fits when he doesn’t get his way. And he definitely hates vegetables.”

In one episode, the boys put a toy in their mom’s bag because she did not want to buy it. She got busted by security, and almost went to jail.

That alone is a summary of why he has been cancelled in many SA homes.

Other shows have been banned because the characters are too irritating, especially on repeat.

These include:

  • Fancy Nancy
  • Alvin and the chipmunks
  • Gumball

Addiction to characters

When kids get hooked on a cartoon, like Ben 10, the addiction affects the parents’ wallet! They want the clothes, the accessories and everything related to the character. When this happens, parents try and minimise the consumption of the cartoon that they feel is programming them in some ways.

What cartoons have been cancelled in your home, share your answers on Facebook:  or Instagram:



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