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Going vegan is all the rage and while the health benefits of a vegan diet are undeniable, it’s still important to maintain a balanced diet especially when so many of the regular nutrient sources are not part of your diet anymore.

If you’re feeling sick since you’ve started your vegan journey, these nutritional issues may be the culprit.

You’re low on energy

Your body burns calories as energy. The typical vegan diet has fewer calories than the average omnivorous diet. so if you’re still eating the same amount minus all the animal products you could be getting in too few calories.
While trying to find a balance in your vegan diet you could find yourself feeling tired all the time. Make sure you’re getting enough calories and nutrients from your food or supplements.

You’re feeling bloated

Eating too much insoluble fibre can cause bloating and sometimes constipation. Vegetables and most grains are rich in insoluble fibre which is a good thing because it helps you digest and healthily pass stools.
But, too much of a good thing is always bad and too much insoluble fibre can cause bloating and even constipation.
To balance out your high fibre diet, try to take in more fluids and consider a more balanced diet.

Your hands and feet feel cold

Vegetarian, vegans and people on restrictive diets are more likely to suffer from an iron deficiency.
Many people get most of their iron from meat and animal products, excluding this traditional source of iron means you have to make sure you are getting it from somewhere else. Regularly and consciously include iron-rich vegetables and legumes into your diet or consider taking a plant-based supplement.

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