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What does depression look like? Many people have questioned whether a person suffering from depression could look happy even to the people who are closest to them without anyone knowing

However, according to WebMD, you could be depressed and not even know it yourself. 

Depression is a mental health condition that can affect your daily life. It’s characterised by feeling low, sad, angry, hopeless to name a few feelings.

Although many people think they can recognise the signs of depression in themselves and others, confusion over what a person suffering from depression or being blindsided by someone’s diagnosis or symptoms of severe depression have proven that it is not always obvious when a person suffers from depression.

You just aren’t sleeping right

Symptoms of depression can be sneaky and can also differ from one person to the other. 

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A change in your sleep patterns is a common and often overlooked symptom of depression. According to Healthline people with depression either tend to sleep a lot more than they usually do or sleep a lot less than they usually do. Both these habits can also contribute to depression.

Changes in eating habits

Stress, anxiety and depression can affect your eating habits and by extension your weight. 

People react differently to food. While some may be too stressed, anxious or depressed to eat and could suffer from lack of eating and loss of weight, others may turn to food for comfort, overeat and gain weight as a result of their mental and emotional state.

Everything bores you

Distress can cause a loss of interest in things you usually like. People suffering from depression may seem to do nothing because nothing interests them. 

This includes hobbies, conversations and may even affect your sex life. 

Loss of focus and concentration

People suffering from depression can seem to have scattered thoughts and can struggle to focus on one thing at a time. This can come through in slower productivity and making mistakes they would not ordinarily make. 

You might notice a loved one struggling to focus during a conversation seeming disinterested in a topic that would ordinarily hold their attention for a while or even struggling being distracted during a movie or TV show they like. 

Aches and pains that won’t go away

Although depression usually affects your state of mind and emotional health, it can also have physical symptoms like headaches and other aches and pains that cannot be explained or won’t go away with medication. 

Although pain is not a symptom you should ever ignore and may be a symptom of another condition, when this is ruled out by a doctor (A doctor looking for a physical illness) it may be time to consider that the pains are a symptom of a mental health condition.




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