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The final straw was when he saw a onesie for a newborn girl with the text, “sorry boys, dad says no dating.”

TikTok dad, Michael Vaughn, responded to a question about how he feels about sexualised clothing for girls. In the video, he listed a few things that he has grown sick and tired of when shopping for clothes for his daughter.

His biggest frustrations have pushed him to advocate for:

  • Non-sexualised texts on girls’ clothes
  • Gender-neutral options in size and fit
  • Dinosaur options as well as dolls
  • Functional pockets!
  • Less glitter

His video was posted on  Brut and has since gone viral!

Michael and his partner Kelly have grown so frustrated during shopping for their daughter that they have opted for “boy’s” clothing instead. They prefer boys’ clothes because “they fit better, are slightly larger and more comfortable.”

Many of the clothing items they are finding for their daughter say that “girl’s bodies are meant to be displayed and normalise objectification.”

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In a hyper-sexualised society like ours, kids learn this early, and the Vaughn family and many others are adding their voice to the growing outcry against sexualised kids’ clothing.

Have you noticed how your daughter outgrows clothes faster?

The fit for girl’s clothes is much smaller than for boys. Some people argue that it’s because boys are ‘bigger’, which is not true. A full-term male baby is born at an average of 3.35 kg while a female is born at 3.23 kg. This is according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) growth chart.

This alone does not justify why boy’s clothing is larger than girl’s clothing.

According to the WHO growth chart, by age one, the difference between a girl’s and a boy’s weight is 0.7 kg.

Chances of your son wearing a one-year-old girl’s pants are unlikely. And therein lies the problem for Michael.

A lot of girls love pink glitter and Elsa, but others prefer beige and dinosaurs.

Michael just wants options that suit the parenting decisions of families that want to move away from the commercialised norm.



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