Yes, Shudufhadzo Musida looks amazing in a bikini…

…she also has the cheekbones, the curves and the confidence many of us can only dream of.

But to reduce her to just her physical appearance is a great injustice and quite offensive to say the least.

Following her tweet that she strives to one day become president (of the country we presume), the shaven-headed star was targeted by nasty Twitter trolls who mocked her intelligence and questioned her title as Miss South Africa 2020.

So what if Shudu takes a good swimwear selfie? She clearly is both beauty and brains, and has to much to offer…

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Here are 6 reasons we’re loving Shudu...

She’s admitted to mental health struggles – and seeking help

Shudu is a fervent advocate for mental health – and it stems from her own struggles.

She wrote in a candid IG post; “I remember learning that it’s okay to get help …and I can honestly say that, that saved my life. I learnt that with the right support system and medication you could be okay.”


She’s a self-confessed bookworm

She said of her love of literature; “I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for the profound impact reading has had on my life. To dream, manifest, learn, achieve, it all started with the opening of a book.

“You will never, and I mean never regret the hours you spend in the pages of a book, whether it be fiction, biography’s, scripture and yes, even handbooks. You are putting on your armour to face this world, to combat ignorance with knowledge, fear with faith, hopelessness with hope”.


She can hold her own when it comes to world knowledge

Shudu knowns a thing or two about politics and the world we live in; not only does she have a a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Wits University, she is also pursuing a Honors degree in International Relations.


Women and children are her top priorities

In a country which records one of the highest rates of gender-based violence in the WORLD, it’s refreshing to see a star take their role in fighting femicide seriously.

Shudu has a lot of work to do – and she’s made economic and educational empowerment for this vulnerable sector as top of her agenda.



Her Miss SA win was her FIRST attempt at pageantry

Shudu was clearly a fan favourite – before the finals she even won the public vote!





She’s the underdog

Shudu is the first Venda and woman from Limpopo to win the title of Miss SA, but hopefully not the last, she said in her speech

She’s has claimed she was bullied for being Venda and has had to fight off nasty comments relating to her culture along the way.


She has big dreams

She may be from a small village in Ha-Masia in the Vhembe District Municipality of Limpopo, but what is stopping her from becoming the first female president of SA?

Absolutely NOTHING!