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Rodrigo Bryan da Silva, 33, and his partner, Ellen Carine Martins da Silva, 25, welcomed little Isabella Vitoria into the world on 6 April…

She was born in a hospital in the Brazilian municipality of Montes Claros.

The couple documented Rodrigo’s pregnancy journey on their Instagram page ‘Gestacao Trans’ (‘Trans Pregnancy’), which boasts 105,000 followers.

In a post, Rodrigo described his newborn as “the victory of her parents, of their friends and of an entire community”.

He added: “Isabella carries the hope of an entire community and each person in that community will be there for her. Isabella will never be alone, she has me and many like me.”

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Trans Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Brazil
Rodrigo Bryan da Silva, 33, who gave birth to his daughter Isabella Victoria Martins da Silva, on 6th April 2021, in MInas Gerais, in a photo with Ellen Carine Martins da Silva, (25). ( @rodrigobryan94/Newsflash/

Isabella is the couple’s first child and the pair began to document the pregnancy on Instagram in October last year.

In an earlier post, Rodrigo wrote: “I am sure that the meaning of my life was to have broken several taboos as a man! Being a trans man and being able to give birth to my daughter has made my life make sense”.

The first trans man to give birth is believed to be US citizen Thomas Beatie, 47, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2012 and became pregnant through artificial insemination five years later.

He has since given birth to four children.

In July 2017, Hayden Cross was the first transgender man to give birth to a baby girl.

Following Isabella’s birth, mum Ellen Carine said: “We have hope for the future. My daughter brought hope to the LGBTQIA+ world. Today, any of us can build our own family. As soon as possible, Isabella will have another little sibling.”


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