Mean girls are a staple in the Real Housewives franchise. The mean girls bring the drama, the fights and the classic meme-able oneliners, people who don’t even watch the show love

The Real Housewives of Durban are establishing their pecking order, and it is a really ugly business.

We expected better from Nonku

The very first episode of RHOD was a difficult one for Nonku and while she made the first step to a beautiful Ncwane kids reunion, the evening full of faux-pas and eye rolls aimed at Nonku.

From side eyes to giggles behind her back, Nonku was definitely singled out and struggled to get into the friendship circle.

Fast forward a couple of episodes, and Nonku is determined to be in with the clique- even if it is at the expense of her friend Mabusi.

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No one likes a bully

Watching Nonku try her best to out-do Kgomotso at the ‘mean girl ‘ game is an awful sight.

Between oddly timed tantrums after one too many drinks, weird remarks aimed at pulling Mabusi down and now intentionally trying to distance herself from her friend Nonku is not winning over any fans.

Mabusi, on the other hand, is winning hearts and fan clubs with her real talk, authenticity and refusal to accept bullying from any of the ladies.

Having set Kgomotso straight in the most lady-like way imaginable, we have no doubt Mabusi will do the same with Nonku – No wig snatching involved.

Real recognise real

We love reality TV but also realise it isn’t reality. Thanks to staged events, clever editing, and strategically timed conversations, we have our weekly dose of drama delivered to us hot and we love it that way.

Even though we know this isn’t a ‘Big Brother’ type of show, it’s nice to see some real people on the show too. The friendship between LaConco and Mabusi is absolutely everything.

Their honesty and absolute realness are one of the many reasons we wish we were Real Houswives of Durban too.


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