We’re used to seeing celebrities show off glamourous, filtered and sometimes unrealistic aspects of their lives on social media…

But for former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie, posting a picture of her ‘bad day’ is just as important.

The Jacaranda FM presenter shared a selfie of her on Instagram like we’ve never seen before – with red, puffy eyes from crying and with what seemed was a heavy weight on her shoulders.

The brunette beauty told her followers that experiencing – and owning – such emotions was “completely ok”

“I’ve been feeling sick, and thus feeling sad, overwhelmed, exhausted, impatient, anxious, needy…We have all been here in this “breakdown” spot, and if you’re asking me, I say that is COMPLETELY OK

Liesl revealed that her inspiration to post the pic was taken from current Miss Universe South Africa Natasha Joubert, who posted a similar pic last month, and her Ouma.

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“What stuck with me about Natasha’s post was “showing up 100% for everything (work, gym, family time) so I just like her showed up 100% for this crying session too….

“My ouma always said that tears cleanse the heart & the soul”.



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Nastasha won the praise of her followers with her emotional post, stating; “people also need to see the bad in order to connect”

Explaining the moment in time, Natasha said; “I was really tired at this point, feeling overwhelmed and trying my best to juggle everything. I 100% know everyone has those days, I definitely don’t show them enough.

“@thefirepowergroup taught me to show up 100% for everything, so I showed up 100% for this crying session (had a good 5 mins) and then after that put my make-up on and showed up 100% for my appointment”.



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We love to see celebs show us their vulnerable – and totally relatable side!