The food we eat has an impact on how we feel, and it isn’t just about our health. Certain foods also have an impact on our emotions

Several studies have been done to determine the emotional impact food has on us and has found that while some foods are just nutritional (which in its way can have an impact on how we feel), some scientifically proven comfort foods deliver a delicious pick me up when you need it. 

Dark chocolate 

There are many health benefits to eating a controlled amount of dark chocolate, including the production of endorphins (the bodies very own happy hormone).

According to a block of dark chocolate can reduce stress hormones and even alleviate the symptoms of PMS. 

Dark chocolate that is low in sugar is the best choice because while sugar on its own can deliver a high, a sugar high eventually leads to a crash and sometimes guilt.

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Coffee in the morning is a great idea

Coffee drinkers may already know who coffee gives them the boost they need to start the day through a dose of caffeine, but coffee can also do a lot more.

Researchers found that coffee consumed in the morning was linked to energy, kindness, and pleasure

Coffee dates were found to encourage affection, friendship, satisfaction, and good nature. 

Mushrooms keep the blues away

Mushrooms are increasingly being recognised for their health benefits, especially with regards to breast cancer. 

Rich in selenium, mushrooms have also been linked to reduced anxiety and depression which can result from a selenium deficiency or become worse because of it. 

You can’t go wrong with spinach

Popeye The Sailor, may have been known for his brute strength thanks to spinach, but the leafy green may also have been responsible for his ‘never give up’ attitude. 

Spinach is rich in magnesium (like dark chocolate), which has been found to reduce depression and anxiety and have a calming effect when taken regularly.

Don’t whine, drink wine

Wine is rich in antioxidants and serotonin. While there are some obvious negative effects to overindulging, there are many positive effects to having just enough red one regularly, including being happier and more relaxed. 

Source: University of Jerusalem via Pubmed 


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