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While many of us want to lose weight, and know we need to burn calories to do it, most of us aren’t sure WHERE exactly the fat goes when it gets ‘lost’…

In this fascinating TEDx Talk by Surfing Scientist, Ruben Meerman, he shows us how we breathe out most of the weight we lose. The rest leaves us as liquid excreted by the body.

BUT… breathing out more won’t make you lose weight

After losing 17kg in 6 months, Ruben Meerman wanted a scientific explanation of where the weight went.

When asked, many people interviewed for the video said they thought the fat left their body through “pooping”. This perpetuates the myth that taking laxatives is an effective weight-loss method. However, in this video, Meerman proves where the fat really goes, and how so many of the ‘weight loss’ miracle cures out there just CANNOT be scientifically true.


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The key to weight loss?

While fat is ‘lost’ through exhalation, Meerman says you still need to use more calories than you eat to lose weight.

“To access the excess energy stored in body fat, the fat molecules must be liberated from their fat cells and ultimately broken down and converted to carbon dioxide and water.

The atoms in those fat molecules don’t just turn into pure energy or heat and then cease to exist but that is what the majority of doctors, dietitians and personal trainers (fitness instructors) said they believed is what happens in our survey,” he says.


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