A tense situation played out at the Mrs Sri Lanka World beauty pageant this weekend that saw the newly crowned queen stripped of her crown for being allegedly divorced…

Pushpika De Silva was crowned Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020 and moments later had the crown taken back by outgoing Mrs. Sri Lanka, Caroline Jurie. The former winner claimed De Silva couldn’t be crowned the winner because she was “divorced”.

“I have a small request,” she said into a microphone. “As for the Mrs. World, there is a rule that you have to be married and not divorced,”

Jurie walked over to De Silva and began untangling the crown from her hair before removing it. A tearful De Silva left the stage while the runner-up was crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka and a celebration ensued. The incident was broadcast on national television.

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Separated NOT divorced

In a post on Facebook following the incident, De Silva admitted she was separated from her husband but said she certainly was not divorced, which has been confirmed by the pageant organisers.

“Even though my crown has been snatched in front of everyone , I will keep my head high and say that I am proud, just as proud as before,” wrote De Silva in a Facebook post.

” I am not a divorced woman at this moment of writing. If I was a divorcee, I would encourage the organisers to submit my divorce papers.”


She also claimed she’s suffered injuries to her skull when the crown was “snatched” from her head.

“…I would like to inform you that I have already taken the necessary legal action for the injustice and insult that has taken place,” De Silva continued.


Crown to be returned

Chandimal Jayasinghe, the national director of Mrs.Sri Lanka World, told the BBC that De Silva’s crown will be returned to her.

“We are disappointed,” he said, adding: “It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage and the Mrs. World organisation has already begun an investigation on the matter.”