A pride of lions endured an unwelcome dinner guest recently at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape!

Kariega Game Reserve is a popular family-owned and operated Big 5 safari reserve. Besides the Big 5, there are a number of other species on the reserve which boasts two rivers within its 10,000 hectares. The reserve is currently running a competition with its guests to send in their favourite safari pictures, and they have not disappointed!

On Wednesday, the reserve shared images of an incredible sighting of a large puff adder curled up inside the carcass of a buffalo that the resident pride of lions was feasting on. The lions were not happy about their dinner guest, and kept an eye on the reptile as they ate.

The photographs were taken by guest, Derick Mole, who captured the unique event while on a safari trip on Sunday night with the reserve’s wildlife guides.

Head guide at Kariega, Wayne Howarth, told All4Women that it was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting. No one at the reserve had ever seen anything like it.

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Howarth said the lions had killed the buffalo on Saturday evening, feasted on it in the night and then sought shelter in the shade throughout Sunday. They then went back to the carcass early on Sunday evening when the puff adder was spotted.

The team theorises that the snake may have sought warmth inside the carcass. It remained in place, surrounded by eight lions, as they ate their fill on Sunday evening.

Take a look at the incredible pictures below:


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